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Tree and Leaf Farm is a sustainable vegetable farm Located in Unionville, Virginia.

Since 1998 we have been dedicated to tending the balance of our farm’s natural ecosystem.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


We have had beautiful harvest at market the past month, in fact all winter. We are able to grow such glorious food because of our high tunnels, (2 & 20 x 200, 1 & 20 x 100) and our new addition the the low tunnel ( 3 @ 12 x 200). It is very difficult to harvest out side in the inclement weather as well as control the temp and moisture. Our tunnels are passive solar meaning that they are only heated by the sun, and every all the plants grown in the soil. When the temperature is really low we use extra cover inside the tunnels to protect the plants. The greatest threat to high tunnel growing is snow.
You have to be prepared to work many hours clearing snow from them, it is hard work to say the least, often having to be done in the dark of night with snow falling around you, armed with a broom racing to save the tunnel, and the harvest our source of income. At our old farm in Waterford VA, Zach and I would camp out in the green house, taking shifts every few ours to clear the snow. This winter we were spared most of the major snow storms that hit the East Coast, for that I am very thankful.