Get A Freelance Writer Career Certificate From an Online School

Freelance writing is not an industry that colleges offer degrees in, but writers can get a career certificate to add to their resumes. It is not a journalism degree, however, all writers can benefit from taking refresher courses in writing. To stay ahead of the industry it is also important to know how to follow the trends, find the right writing niche and know the ins and outs of the writing industry.

Career Certificate vs. Degree

A degree is earned when an individual finishes a course of study. The courses may take many years to finish and require a large amount of credits depending on the intended degree. A Bachelor of Arts will require less time to achieve than a Master’s degree, but the end result is the same, the person walks away with a degree tailored for a specific career path.

A career certificate, or graduate certificate, is specifically designed for an individual to study a specific technical skill such as freelance writing or automotive service. Career training is intended to prepare individuals for entry level jobs and/or to continue education in their specific career choice. Students taking a freelance writing course to earn their career certificate can expect to learn about (but not limited to):

  • the writing business
  • reference sources
  • editors and agents
  • editing and publishing
  • the writing market
  • submission expectations

Finding the Right Online School

Long distance learning programs such as essay help online are a great alternative to campus classes for those who are too busy with work, family or just live too far away to attend classes. Some online courses have a weekly deadline, while others are truly “work at your own pace” with a twelve or 24 month deadline to finish all of the material.

When deciding on the right program and school, there are some things that should be researched before applying. Some campuses, not many, may require a certain amount of on campus time, which may not work for those who don’t have the time or live too far away. These are usually a requirement of a State University that offers career certificate programs. To avoid running into this problem, look into schools that specialize in online studies such as Penn Foster University of Phoenix.

There are some things to take into consideration when looking for the right distance learning program regardless of the intended career. Freelance career certificates are not offered at many schools but be sure to research the following:

  • cost
  • materials and submission guidelines
  • accreditation
  • access to Professors
  • virtual classroom accessibility
  • career services

Freelance career certificate courses offer many in depth study materials pertaining to specifically to freelance writing. Freelance writers are not generally required to have background education in communications; however, higher education can go a long ways towards solidifying a working relationship with many mainstream magazines and other online and print media sources.