10 ways to go green and save green

Last Updated : July 18 2017

10 ways to go green and save green

by Hannah Midwinter 2017 July 12

10 ways to go green and save green

Many people try to tell you that green living is hard, that it is un-American, that it's useless and expensive too. None of those arguments against the green lifestyle are valid. Green living is simply the act of considering the environmental impact that a given action will have and choosing to do things that will either be environmentally neutral or environmentally beneficial. Realistically, these goals are not always possible, but most people want the Earth to be here for future generations and the most efficient way to insure that is to make a lighter personal footprint. A benefit of the "going green" is that it often will save you money and improve your lifestyle too.

A sustainable lifestyle is a lifestyle grounded in reality. For instance, if you're buying furniture and it has natural hardwoods, and it's not certified as being harvested sustainably, it was probably harvested illegally and the taking of the tree destroyed the surrounding eco-system. Basically it was stolen by pirates who are making money today, by harvesting the future of the Earth. You have the power to stop these pirates - don't buy the furniture and tell the store owner/manager why you aren't spending money there. Fortunately, if you're reading this, then you have a computer and a connection to the internet, and you can find out about reality very easily. You can live in modern home, filled with electronics and great furniture, drive a wonderful car and live a sustainable lifestyle. The change you need to make is simple, learn to respect reality.

Making the environmentally friendly choices doesn't have to limit you any any way. You just adjust your thinking about the production, use and ultimate destruction of the products you buy. Buy a great car, but try to coax an extra mile or two per gallon out of it. Make sure your doors and windows are sealed to keep in the heat or air-conditioning. Buy locally grown produce if possible and think about how pesticides and herbicides aren't good for living things, including you and your family. Can something be recycled and not just thrown away? Most communities have a recycling program of some sort, use it. Living sustainably is not hard, it's just living with awareness of the impact of your choices.

10 Best ways To Go Green And Save Green

1. Eliminating the use of dryers

Don't use electric dryers unless you absolutely have to. You could hang up your clothes that come from the washing machine and let them air dry for free! Simply put up a clotheslines and let them drip dry with the sun or in a "safe place" like your bathroom or garage. You can buy for cheap anything that you need to get started like clothespins, a long rope or clotheslines, a hammer and nail, or retractable clothesline.

By eliminating the use of the dryer, you will see an automatic saving on your electric bill, as dryers take a lot of energy to run. If you don't have a lot of clothes to dry, then you definitely don't need to use that dryer. During this economy crisis, wouldn't it be better to drip dry so that you can help the environment and your wallet!

2. Don't drive everywhere unless you absolutely have to.

Get out and walk, run, or ride a bike to the places that you need to go and save money by reducing the amount of gas that your family needs during the week. It's been a little difficult developing a family gas budget recently with the constant fluctuation in fuel prices, so by minimizing your family's dependence on gas, you could really see a significant financial saving.

The other thing about gas is that it gives off very bad toxins that affect our air and our environment. If you have a big vehicle, you need a lot of gas to operate it and your vehicle probably gives off loads of emissions. During this economy crisis and, really any time, it is best to use different travel alternatives. So, get a little exercise in and enjoy the financial savings from not buying all of that gas. Plus, you will feel even better physically, which is worth a mint!

3. Find alternative uses for some of life's basics like newspaper and store shopping bags.

Instead of trying to find ways get garbage bags that you can buy for cheap, re-use those plastic store bags. Some may say that it is better to just get a cloth shopping bag, but it can kind of balance out environmentally if people would just re-use those plastic store bags, which are almost always bio-degradable, for collecting their families daily trash.

Get the most of newspaper also. From gift wrap to stuffing packages to absorbing odors in shoes and food containers, newspaper has many, many uses. So, instead of just throwing it away, use it and save on things like fabric freshening sprays and window wipes...newspaper is fantastic for cleaning windows!

4. Get a reusable water bottle. If you've decided to drink more water, you're on the right track.

The next step is to get a reusable water bottle instead of expensive bottled water as the containers end up in our landfills. You can take your reusable water bottle to work and to the gym. There are those which are lightweight and made of stainless steel that do not get that disgusting smell of plastic. You may also want to install a filter on your kitchen sink so that you will always have clean bottle-free water from the tap.

5. Choose the good kind of fish. Fish are a major component of a healthy diet.

Unfortunately, many kinds are being overfished and some of them are contaminated with pollutants. Good fish choices which are not overfished are Alaskan salmon, Pacific halibut and mahi-mahi.

6. Buy multivitamins.

Almost everyone today uses health supplements for good living. Often times they will go out and buy a large amount of bottles containing different vitamins. One great way to save on having to deal with the many bottles is the purchase multivitamins. Not only are they great for your health, but they are like having a lot of vitamins combined into one. This step will as well help you to save a great deal of money.

7. Purchase aluminum free deodorants.

Many of the deodorants used today contain aluminum. Many studies have shown that aluminum salts in deodorants can adversely affect your health. They have been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Another problem is that it requires a lot of energy to mine the aluminum salts. If the energy output is cut, then it will strengthen out fight on global warming. Aluminum free deodorants require less energy to produce and they do not put your health at risk.

8. Skip the gym and exercise outdoors.

Treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical machines are a great way to get healthy and stay fit. However, hey do require a great amount of energy. Each time you use one, it is running up your energy bill and wasting precious energy. If you take that same amount of time and go or a walk or run outdoors, there would be a ton of energy saved. Just think about the amount of energy you are wasting each month by using indoor electronic exercise machines. Another great benefit to exercising outdoors is that you will be breathing in fresh air and not reprocessed air conditioning.

9. Use bars of soap instead of body wash.

Many fragrance companies today create what is known as body washes for people who want to "smell excellent". However, most people do not realize that body wash is primarily made up of water and take a lot of energy to produce. A simple bar of soap will give you that same fresh scent. People forget that before body washes were created, soap bars were dominant. A bar of soap only needs to be paced in a small box while a body wash need to be put into a medium sized plastic container. Keep in mind that cardboard requires much less energy to produce than plastic. You can help save the environment and the emissions of carbon dioxide just by sticking to regular bars of soap.

10. Use fresh foods instead of canned.

With the way things are going today, people have become dependent upon packaged items. In grocery stores you see canned fruits, canned vegetables, and even canned tuna. Many people seem to forget that cans take a great deal of energy to produce. You can help the environment by simple getting the foods you want fresh. Would you rather eat an apple that has been freshly plucked from a tree, or sapped in weird fluids out of a metal can?

Save Green By Going Green

Is your electric bill out of control, especially during the summer when you run the air conditioner? If so, you should consider getting solar panels installed on your home. They save you money by producing electricity - which you don't have to pay the electric company for.

What better source of energy is there than the sun shining down on your house every day? Solar panels absorb all this sunlight and convert it into kilowatts of electricity that can be fed into your home's electrical system. This is something that is environmentally safer for your home. Of course a lower electric bill is a huge benefit too!

Installing solar panels adds to the value of your house. If your house is worth a certain amount, it will increase once you add solar power to your home. This will make your home environmentally friendly and that will be a great improvement on your home. If the value of your home increases, that will help you out in the long run when you need to borrow on your equity.

You can be paid for using solar power in your home. This makes the system a wise investment. There are companies that are willing to pay individuals who use solar energy in their home to save on energy usage. There are states in the world alone that are offering monetary rewards to take advantage of using this new energy saving technology. Many of these incentives are available almost immediately, while some come back to you when you file your income taxes.

Adding solar power into your home would lower your electric bill. You'll be paying less to the power company because you'll be buying less electricity from them. It will make a significant difference to what you are paying already. You can save hundreds of dollars a year by switching to solar panels.

There are other ways to change to reduce the cost of power in your house. You mayswitch your light bulbs to more energy saving ones. You can buy energy-saving appliances that have the energy label on them. There are many products available now that turn off on their own when they're not being used. These steps will help you save money whether you're using power from solar panels or from the utility company.

In the past it was very expensive to add solar panels to your home. Fortunately the costs have come down significantly. The industry is growing so this is the best time to consider switching to solar power. It's pretty easy to get a ball park idea of what a solar panel system for your house would cost. You can go online to do the research to find out where you can get the cheapest panels for your home.

There are also contractors who install solar in your area. Just call one of two of them and ask for a free consultation. You will be able to get your house checked out without having to pay anything. You don't have anything to lose by getting an estimate if you're not sure whether it's worth the savings. The estimates should include the cost of the panels, the price to install them, and an estimate of how much electricity they should produce.

There are many reasons to consider getting solar panels in your home. The best reason is that it helps you save money. Your electric bill will go down quite a bit by using solar power. You can also earn some extra money by having it in your home. Going green is also good for the environment.

Here's a great video to teach you some ways to go green and save money by doing it.

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