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Why we should plant more trees

Trees play an extremely important part in our survival and enjoyment of life, but sometimes it's not entirely obvious what their role is. This article looks at how trees make a positive impact on our society and why we should cherish them.

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What will happen if all tress and plants on earth are cut down

If you're interested in environmental or green issues, you probably know all about things like sustainable design and energy conservation. You have a decent understanding of the effects man's actions can have on the planet, including issues like deforestation and global warming. But you may not know about one very important effect of the deforestation currently spreading all over the globe: desertification.Desertification is among the first truly visible consequences of the effects of man's disregard for the health of the planet; many consider it to be a sign of what our children and our children's children will soon come to face.But what is it? Desertification is the name given to the process which turns a normal, healthy ecosystem in...

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Top 10 eco-friendly back to school tips

I can recollect when I was a child at how the whole "back to class" handle included both fear and reckoning. The fear needed to do with the way that my late spring excursion was arriving at an end. However, the reckoning originated from the way that I was likewise going to get an entire pack of new "stuff." Well, circumstances are different and surging out to stack up on back to class supplies with no thought for their related natural effects is as outdated as half of the garments in my storeroom. Regardless of the difficulties related to having to change our state of mind, it's as yet conceivable and straightforward to approach the whole back to class prepared with a green outlook. We would all be able to profit by some down to earth Envir...

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How can we make our home environmentally friendly

The gadgets that make up your home are of great importance since they will have a big impact on your expenses and the environment. We all tend to easily ignore the hidden details of every material or gizmos that we incorporate or install in our homes.

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Going green activities for business

A green building is an organization that has very less effect on the environment and the economy of a state or country. A sustainable business has all kinds of policies and strategies. A business stability and sustainability are measured by the various green activities initiated by the organization. The green business is staying with the needs of the present world, rather than involving into the abilities of the future products and services. Many companies have opted for green strategies in the business. In earlier days, there were not many companies going for green ideas so far. But now it is a big business.

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Easy ways to help others go green

When we hear the phrase 'save the environment', it sounds overwhelming, doesn't it? However, just by making some simple and easy changes in our every day activities, we can have a significant impact on our local energy resources and on our environment. Just think what kind of impact could be had the world over if everyone took to heart these simple tips on going green!

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10 ways to go green and save green

Many people try to tell you that green living is hard, that it is un-American, that it's useless and expensive too. None of those arguments against the green lifestyle are valid. Green living is simply the act of considering the environmental impact that a given action will have and choosing to do things that will either be environmentally neutral or environmentally beneficial. Realistically, these goals are not always possible, but most people want the Earth to be here for future generations and the most efficient way to insure that is to make a lighter personal footprint. A benefit of the "going green" is that it often will save you money and improve your lifestyle too.A sustainable lifestyle is a lifestyle grounded in reality. ...

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