How can we make our home environmentally friendly

Last Updated : July 18 2017

How can we make our home environmentally friendly

by Hannah Midwinter 2017 July 12

How can we make our home environmentally friendly?

The gadgets that make up your home are of great importance since they will have a big impact on your expenses and the environment. We all tend to easily ignore the hidden details of every material or gizmos that we incorporate or install in our homes.

How can we make our home environmentally friendly and very easy is the question which you need to ask your self. Don't be too concerned about the financial aspect or how much time it will take to complete the major works such as installing solar panels. We can find a lot of ways on how to go about things, a big difference will be achieved even on a small budget. It is possible to reduce your environmental impact without sacrificing the quality of life you want to have.

One suggestion would the use of energy efficient light bulbs, they come in all shapes and sizes with different shades or color, most of these bulbs can be used with dimming circuits. They will last longer and are brighter with less energy being consumed. These bulbs may be more expensive than ordinary incandescent light bulbs but they will save you money in the long run with lower electric bills and longer intervals in terms of replacements. Consider purchasing a clothes spinner than tumble driers which uses too much electric power since they use heat to dry your cloths faster.

Shop around for second-hand items. Buying these items which are still in good condition since most of them were slightly used and by doing so, you will be able to save all the energy and resources to make new ones. A good example of these product is furniture, new ones costs too much and they also consume too much resource. Fitting aerator to your taps will mix air with water giving you fuller flow for less water volume. Again, saving you money in the long run.

Doors and windows can be a snug fit to their frames but air can still pass through them. Using rolls of flexible self adhesive strips will close all the gaps around windows and doors, This simple but effective solution will make a huge difference to your heating and air conditioning bills. Insulation is a real good idea because it will also cut your energy bills in half, giving you more purchasing power for everything else.

Today's ordinary detergents and toiletries are full of unnecessary ingredients. Gentler alternatives are readily available anywhere and they smell just as good and will do the job even better. This will also prevent the growth of super microbes.

Not only are washing machines and tumble dryers energy hungry appliances washing day is often combined with the use none eco-friendly detergents and chemicals. But washing day doesn't have to be bad for the environment and doesn't mean you have to walk around in dirty clothes.

There are plenty of ways to reduce energy when we wash and dry our clothes and their are many eco laundry products to help us. Dying clothes is perhaps one area where it is all too easy to turn on the tumble dryer. Of course, we can't always hang our clothes outside and nobody wants to have wet garments hanging off all the radiators and blocking the heat. But what about the good old fashioned clothes airer. These can be hung out of the way and your clothes can dry naturally with the heat that is rising throughout the room. Its surprising how quickly clothes can dry on a clothes airer and by not using the tumble dryer, the savings in both electricity consumption and on our electricity bills can be quite noticeable.

When it comes to cleaning the clothes there is often no need to use powerful detergents. There are other methods such as eco balls that can clean clothes with any chemicals at all.Chemical free washing balls use ionized oxygen to activate water molecules and allow them to penetrate into the fibres of clothes to remove dirt. And there is no need to turn to chemical to remove limescale. Chemical free limescale removers take a similar approach to eco balls by softening the heavy deposits by magnetizing the water and similar devices for the toilet are available too.

Natural paints do costs more than the traditional petroleum based paints but will save you from any nasty chemicals and toxins they contain and they don't have a nasty odor. In buying appliances like television sets, choose the ones with low wattage, like opting for an LCD TV rather than choosing that energy hungry plasma. Get the right sized refrigerator for your home, the smaller the size the better.

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