Understanding Earth's climate

Last Updated : July 18 2017

Understanding Earth's climate

by Hannah Midwinter 2017 July 14

Understanding Earth's Climate

Using Nuclear Weapons Testing to Track Earth's Climate - Is That Safe For Global Warming?

It is believed that if there was a nuclear war, the nuclear fallout could cause a nuclear winter, and bring on an Ice Age. This has been known for many decades, in fact, the RAND Corporation think tank has a study that they did in the early 60s on this phenomena, and it is available online if you care to read it.

Although I have only scanned the work myself, it is of interest, and now global warming alarmists and climate scientists have rethought the use of nukes in the atmosphere or allowing tests to put more debris into the air to block the sun in the case humans decide to do geoengineering of Earth's atmosphere.

Yes, you are probably cringing at the thought of this, as are many others, but if the research reports are correct, it might be one way to cool the planet if we ever had to do so in a hurry for some emergency. No, I'm not an advocate of this methodology, I'm just saying that it is available.

"Nuclear weapons testing may at first glance appear to have little connection with climate change research, but key cold war research laboratories and the science used to track radioactivity and model nuclear bomb blasts have today been repurposed by climate scientists."

Okay, all this makes sense I suppose, however, there are some other problems with nuclear weapons. Right now there are nuke test treaties banning the tests of nuclear weapons. However, if we don't test those nukes how can we ascertain if they are still good. It may be that a good number of the nuclear weapons now and the arsenals around the world don't even work properly.

That means although they might make a real deterrent because no one knows, they don't make for a perfect offensive weapon in that case. Because if you were to launch them, and they didn't work, then you would have pissed off the international community, as well as the country you intended to attack, thus you might end up with a prolonged large-scale war that you had not anticipated, and hope to have over quickly.

Save the Earth From Climate Change From Your Desk

Climate change issue awareness is a hot issue now considering its tremendous impacts on our life. Understanding the problem is not enough as you need to act. Everyone can do it from their desks either at the office or home. It may be small but meaningful. Are you ready to environmental warrior?

Print less
Do not print unless it is for the crucial purpose. You can read your document from your screen. If possible, print on double-sided paper. Reducing the paper consumption  indirectly lessen the number of trees cut for paper making.

Use your electronic devices wisely
Turn off your computer, printer, TV and other electronic devices when you finish. By letting them in stand by position, they consume more electricity.

Work efficiently
Work smart not long hours. The longer you work using electronic devices, the more electricity you consume. Work efficiently so you can spend less time using electronic devices. The survey suggests that the more you work, the less you are productive as you have less concentration in longer hours. The longer you work means, the more likely you are depressed as you produce less.

Stop throwing used paper into your trash bin. Instead, send them to recycling project. There have been some initiatives on recycling papers. Check the recycle organization close by your house or office. Don't throw away used paper as you can use their other side. If possible, you can use recycled paper.

Conference meeting
Instead of travel, you can benefit from conference meeting. You can use free online conference facility such Skype, Yahoo Messenger and others to reduce flying. Reducing travels means you reduce your carbon prints from the transportation mode you use. However, you need to check the quality of your internet connection and the other ends to ensure the quality of the online conference.

The less you spend time at the office the less you consume energy on heating or AC. This relates closely with how efficient you work.

Plant a tree
Put a plant on your desk. Not only it brings you more oxygen, but also it reduces the radiation from different electronic devices you use.

Use your mug
Use your mug or glass instead of using plastic glass for water or coffee. All you need to do is to wash, dry and store it again. You reduce plastic garbage and at the same time you save money from buying plastic glass.

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