Why we should plant more trees

Last Updated : July 18 2017

Why we should plant more trees

by Hannah Midwinter 2017 July 18

Why we should plant more trees?

Trees play an extremely important part in our survival and enjoyment of life, but sometimes it's not entirely obvious what their role is. This article looks at how trees make a positive impact on our society and why we should cherish them.


Arguably the biggest role that trees have in our lives is that of changing carbon dioxide into oxygen. As humans, we do the exact reverse, and actually, need quite a lot of oxygen in each breath to survive. Because trees are so useful at doing this, it means that we can spend a lot more time thinking more clearly and recovering from exertion as our muscles and mind both need oxygen to function effectively. Indeed, if we didn't have oxygen then it's pretty safe to say we would die and therefore it's safe to say that trees are crucial for our survival.


Have you ever tried to play sport out in the country where there aren't many trees around? It can be a very challenging and even unpleasant experience as the wind can pick up with nothing to break its speed, meaning that controlling a ball in some sports can be very difficult, running much harder and just enduring the game that much colder. Quite often school playing fields, and the like, will plant a line of trees around them, partly so that over time they will grow and break up the wind's movement so that the quality of the experience and the games played there can rise.

Aesthetic Value

As humans, we naturally appreciate beauty in nature, and therefore it's important for us to see a bit of foliage on a regular basis. Trees are one of the most durable types of foliage, and therefore we will often see lines of them in inner cities on the streets or in parks as well so that we can get a good glimpse of what is nature every day in our lives. Indeed, there is some evidence to suggest a link between a lack of trees to depression, and obviously, that is something that city planners want to avoid, making trees an important visual element of any city.

Add beauty and grace

Blooms in the spring, verdant summer foliage and breathing taking hues in the fall; trees stamp the seasons as they upgrade the magnificence of the world. They make life more pleasurable, serene andunwinding. The loftiness, continuance, and quality of trees grant a house of prayer like quality as they help us to encounter a primal association with the earth and our most profoundly held social and otherworldly esteems.

Cultural symbol

The tree is regularly used to speak to nature or the earth itself. In South America, a tribe of Indians holds the conviction that the trees of the woods hold up the sky. As indicated by old tribal legends, the defeat of the trees will accelerate the obliteration of Mother Earth.

Purify our air and water

From auto and manufacturing plant discharges and ozone in industrialized regions to compost and pesticide overflow from country ranches, trees ingest dangerous toxins as they energize ground water and support streamflow. Trees likewise battle an unnatural weather change. As trees develop they expel carbon dioxide from the climate, the real supporter of an unnatural weather change.

Nutritional bounty

Products of the soil are a staple of eating regimens around the globe. An organic product tree can live for over forty years and deliver more than 10,000 pounds of natural product. A tree genuinely gives life. Apples are a standout amongst the most well known organic product tree decisions, and a develop apple tree can deliver up to 500 apples in a season. Consider planting pear, plum, cherry, apricot, orange, lime, lemon or banana trees. Research what will develop well in your neighborhood. Plant and appreciate a natural collect developed in congruity with nature. Nothing tastes sweeter!

Planting trees save energy. Trees planted around our homes will diminish cooling costs in summer and give a windbreak against the frosty winds of winter in this manner saving money on warming costs. Contingent upon species and development, the cooling shade of trees can lessen home vitality utilization by up to 20 percent. Air temperature in the region of trees is cooler than that far from trees. The bigger the tree, the more noteworthy the cooling impact. Tree planting in urban territories directs the warmth island impact caused by solid clearing and warmth retaining structures.

Trees play a huge role in our lives from breaking the wind to providing oxygen to helping fend of mental illness. What other benefits do you think trees bring to your life?

Hannah Midwinter
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